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Family Medicine Specialist

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Are you tired of running all over town to get the care you and your family deserve? If so, finding a great family medicine specialist can simplify matters, and the team at University Place Medical Clinic is a great place to start for those in and around University Place, Washington, and the greater Tacoma area. Book an appointment today to meet the team and learn more about their unique approach to family health. You can set up a visit online or over the phone.

Family Medicine

What is family medicine?

Family medicine is an area of medical practice that combines the roles of an internist and a pediatrician. A family medicine specialist is trained to deliver outstanding care to both adults and children.

This approach is similar to the way medicine was practiced in previous generations, when a family relied upon one skilled practitioner to care for all family members. In a time of growing fragmentation in the health care industry, family medicine is making a strong comeback. People appreciate the benefits of entrusting their care to one professional.

What are some benefits of family medicine?

There are a number of reasons to consider working with a family medicine specialist. Some of the benefits include:

  • Ability to develop a personal relationship with your doctor
  • Ease of scheduling appointments for all family members at the same practice
  • Simplified access to medical records
  • Ability to cover a wide range of medical needs under one roof

Another reason to consider family medicine is the in-depth understanding your doctor develops in regard to your unique family circumstances. For example, a family with a high-needs autistic child will face a specific set of challenges.

Working with the same family physician not only addresses the needs of that child, but also gives the practitioner the information needed to guide care for the rest of the family. Parents might experience emotional challenges or sleep disturbances, and other children might need support as they move through their own journey within the family.

What if a family member needs specialized care?

Just because you choose to work with a family medicine specialist does not mean you don’t have access to specialized care. Even though your doctor has the experience and training needed to meet a wide range of medical needs, there may be times when specialty care is needed.

In those cases, your doctor can help you find the right specialist. He or she can also coordinate your specialty care to ensure continuity once your medical need has been met. The details of your specialty care are included in your medical record, which over time serves as an invaluable resource about your personal health history.

If you’d like to learn more about family medicine, schedule an appointment at University Place Medical Clinic today, online or by phone.