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The Sweet Poison

You probably have heard that too much fat is bad for you, it leads to weight gain, clogs your arteries and causes heart attack and stroke. This was the convensional wisdom for decades since two Harvard researchers received over $60,000 from the sugar industry back in the 60’s to publish papers the risk of sugar and it’s negative impact on health. 

Well, turns out fat is not as detrimental to health as sugar can be. In fact, the latest studies have shown that sugar is the root cause of many health conditions, including coronary disease, cancer and diabetes, to name a few. Studies have found that people who consume around 40g of sugar, the amount in a can of soda, show immediate increased imflammation.

Don’t be overzealous about cutting back on sugar as it may backfire on you but keep track of your sugar consumption and reduce your intake over time to avoid health risks associated with sugar. 



Author UPMC

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